Custom Vibrational Remedies for People and Pets
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About Us is the Internet presence of Integrative Health International. We are a sole proprietorship dedicated to educating individuals and small groups in the vital role the Body-Mind-Soul connection plays in their overall health.

We began our work with adults and children over 10 years ago and upon the request of our clients, we began working with pets in 2006.

Every single day, the profound beauty and complexity of the Body-Mind-Soul connection places us in awe as we witness its impact not only on physical health, but also on spiritual transformation. We are continually amazed at the profound healing our people and pets have accomplished when assisted with customized healing remedies, flower essences and counseling.

Our founder Jill Celeste MS RN has been a registered nurse for over 35 years. She has practiced in a wide variety of health care settings and has held positions as a clinical specialist, administrator and assistant professor. In addition she has spent the last 15 years studying wellness, bio-energetics, flower essences and the Body, Mind, Soul connection. She is trained in SpectraVision™ Bio-Energy Balancing at the advanced level and her spiritual training is in Theosophy and Raja Yoga.

About Our Logo

Traditionally, a logo is chosen by a business as a simple signature graphic, a sort of “nickname” for their company that people will recognize and remember. Healing Imprints, not one to be bound by tradition, has chosen a logo that is neither simple nor a nickname.

Jill Celeste, the founder of and Integrative Health International, considers education and healing to be her Soul Work. So it is her Soul Seal that is being used as a logo.

A Soul Seal is an individual sketch done in private consultation with a specific artist that resides in Colorado. The colors are given by the artist and the individual can color the sketch themselves or have someone else paint or color it. For further information on how to reach the artist for a consultation, email Sai Ram

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