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Every single day we are in awe of the ability of humans and animals to heal themselves and we are honored to be able to support that healing process with Flower Essences, Custom Vibrational Remedies, and Personal Coaching.

About Us:
Healing Imprints is a small privately owned business located in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 2002 by Jill Celeste (add link to bio) with a goal to promote a unique line of products that energetically support the innate power of both people and animals to heal themselves.
In addition to their commitment to providing affordable, high quality, natural products – the Healing Imprints Team is dedicated to delivering world class customer service; offering each customer personalized attention in choosing which products best meet their needs and detailed education in how to use them.
Products & Services:
Signature Flower Essence Blends
Our most popular products are part of our line of Signature Flower Essence Blends.  Each Signature Blend contains a carefully selected mixture of individual flower essences, chosen for their abilities to work synergistically to support emotional and Spiritual health. Signature Blends are available as individual bottles  or in Packaged Sets . The Packaged sets contain four Signature Flower Essence Blends specifically selected to build upon each other, opening up energetic communication between the Soul, mind and body.
Click Here for More Information on the Benefits of Flower Essences

Pet Remedies
Pets are part of our everyday lives and part of our families. They provide us with companionship and emotional support while engaging us in the self-less love needed to care for another living being. Animals have emotional and Spiritual needs as well as physical needs, just like we do. Healing Imprints offers a wide range of products designed to support your pet’s well being.

Our Pet Packages, combine Flower Essences and Vibrational Remedies in easy to use drops that can be placed in your pet’s water bowl. There are packages designed to support your pet during veterinary procedures or while transitioning to a new home. At Healing Imprints we have a special place in our hearts for aging pets and those approaching the end of their life. Therefore we have developed a package of Flower Essences and Vibrational Remedies specifically for elderly and chronically ill pets.

Custom Vibrational Remedies
Healing Imprints offers some of the latest technology available for the evaluation of subtle energy systems. Using a computerized database of over 14,000 different vibrations we are able to ask your Body-Mind-Soul complex energetic questions and record your response as a basis for developing a personalized plan to support your healing. Learn More.

Custom Flower Essence Blends
Our Custom Flower Essence Service is especially helpful when clients feel that a Signature Blend does not meet their specific emotional and Spiritual needs. Using your personal profile and our data base of over 250 Flower Essences, we create a Custom Blend of Flower Essences just for you. Once your Custom Blend is created, it is then potentized with Vibrational Imprints of each flower. This potentizing allows the flower essences to work at deep levels that are specific to your needs.

  • Custom Vibrational Remedies

  • Flower Essences

  • Education

  • Personal Coaching

Once we are able to look inward on a regular basis we can expand ourselves as conscious beings participating in a larger Universe.

Jill Celeste MS RN
Our founder Jill Celeste MS RN has been a registered nurse for over 35 years. She has practiced in a wide variety of health care settings and has held positions as a clinical specialist, administrator and assistant professor. In addition she has spent the last 20+ years studying wellness, bio-energetics, flower essences and the Body, Mind, Soul connection. She is trained in SpectraVision™ Bio-Energy Balancing at the advanced level and her spiritual training is in Theosophy and Raja Yoga.



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HealingImprints.com is the internet presence of Integrative Health International. Both Healing Imprints and Integrative Health are dedicated to educating individuals and small groups in the vital role that subtle energy and the mind, body, soul connection play in health and healing.