Custom Vibrational Remedies

Custom Vibrational Remedies provide an energetic foundation for improved health and well-being

Energy Anatomy

Behind the physical body that we see in the mirror every day is a complex universe of energy patterns and flows. The etheric body or subtle energy body is a major part of that complex universe. We cannot see the etheric body in the mirror but it is crucial to the existence of every human and animal being. The etheric body supplies the energetic blueprint for every cell, organ and tissue in the physical form. DNA dictates a certain number of these energy patterns, but the vast majority of these patterns are impressionable and subject to disruption by the exposures and experiences of being in a physical form.

Alterations in energy patterns at the etheric level can be present for many years before a symptom or a disease is noticed on the physical level

The Bio-Net

Communication is key in all relationships including the relationship between cells, tissues and organs. The millions of well coordinated actions and reactions that occur every minute in the physical form would be in chaos without good communication: Communication through the brain and nervous system, communication through the energy meridians, communication through the hormones of the endocrine glands……the list is endless.

In the past it was thought that a “land line” was necessary for communication in the body, a physical nerve or a specific chemical or hormone. Now what we are beginning to understand is that, yes, we do have landlines but that the majority of communication is ”wireless”. Bio-Energetic communication goes on everywhere in the body. Not in chaos but in organized patterns and flows. It is the Balanced flow of subtle energy among all of our body systems…physical, emotional, mental and spiritual….along with the energetic blueprint of the etheric body ….. that dictate the states of  health and dis-ease experienced by both humans and animals.

Vibrations – The Dance of Subtle Energy

Vibration is the term used to describe the amplitude and frequency of energy that make up an object or event. Our eyes can register a very small range of energy frequencies we call we call light and color, Our ears can register a different very small range of energy vibrations we call sound. There are energy also some well known vibrational frquencies we experience that are beyond sight or sound called Ultra-violet, Ultra sound, Radiation and more.

However, beyond these few and very familiar frequencies there are BILLIONS, TRILLIONS and truthfully an UNLIMITED number of vibrational frequencies in the Universe. The faster the vibrational frequency the more subtle the energy and it’s effects. These subtle energy vibrations join each other in complex patterns and symphonies to create the myriad versions of life that we experience.

E=MC2. It is Energy in motion as vibrational frequencies that combine to form what we experience as a hand, a heart, a flower, a cat, a bacteria, a planet, a star

When healthy energy patterns are disrupted……the health of our mind and body becomes disrupted. Subtly…….gradually………over time……….the effects become noticeable on a mental, emotional and/or physical level and we don’t feel Well any longer.

How Custom Vibrational Remedies are Made

You have an energetic signature that is full of all of the subtle nuances of your physical, mental and spiritual self. Using a system called Spectra-Vision™ and Bio-Energy Balancing we are able to ask your body about it’s vibrational health. We measure your body’s reaction to hundreds of vibrational frequencies including both supports (such as vitamins, flower essences, herbs, tonics, accupoints) and toxins (such as viruses, bacteria, chemicals). We can identify the exact combination of vibrations, the potency and amounts that will begin to repair your disturbed energy patterns and open your blocked energy flows. Once these vibrations have been determined and your positive response verified, we imprint all of these vibrations into a Homeopathic remedy that is chosen based on your needs.

How  Your Custom Remedy Works

You’re custom vibrational remedy is generally a single bottle with hundreds of balancing vibrations within it. You will be taking these drops as instructed 2-3 times per day under your tongue for about 4 weeks. During this time….your etheric body is being gently or sometimes not so gently nudged toward repatterning faulty, disrupted patterns….Redrawing your damaged blueprints. Through these subtle repeated repatterning messages Change Begins to take place…the blueprint is altered…rebuilding on a new blueprint begins. Energy flow Blockages are removed and your over all ability to Self-Heal is strengthened..

Who Can Benefit from Bio-Energy Consultations and Custom Remedies?

Anyone……Old and Young, Adults and Children, Cats and Dogs…..Those wanting to improve and maintain good health, Those wanting a different approach to healing separate from or in addition to traditional medical and veterinary approaches, Those with ill health, and poor immune system function and even Those who are transitioning from the physical world…people or pets who want peace and balance towards the end of their life.

The only people we are NOT able to serve at this time are those who are pregnant or have organ transplants. Because in these two very special situations there is more than one Life Energy Signature in a single physical form we are not equipped to address the conflicting needs of the two signatures.

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