Welcome – Vibrational Healing

Welcome to a New Level of Personalized Healing Services!

Healing Imprints offers some of the latest technology available for the evaluation of subtle energy systems. Using a computerized data base of over 14,000 different vibrations we are able to ask your Body-Mind-Soul complex energetic questions and record your response as a basis for developing your personalized healing plan.
We are here to support your journey to a new level of health.

Personalized vibrational remedies
100% Natural with no side effects
Your own body determines healing priorities

Gentle detoxification
Your ability to Self-Heal is maximized
True healing from the inside out

Your bio-energy evaluation, bio-energy balancing and the building of your custom vibrational remedy are overseen by a trained bio-energy consultant. Your consultant provides an interpretation of your results, educational materials and recommendations for your physical and emotional healing.

Most of us are confounded by the multidimensional nature of health. We see one health care professional for our body, a different one for our mind and emotions and then we treat our soul and spiritual nature as something completely separate from the other two. This type of separation of body mind and soul fragments the path of true healing and health.

The answer to healing on all three levels involves an understanding of ENERGY…Subtle energy and how it interfaces between the soul, the mind and the body. We at Healing Imprints and Integrative Health International, understand how energy patterns work. How they can create states of health and how they can create states of disease.

Please join us for a personal adventure in Health and Healing at a very deep level.