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Welcome to Vibrational Healing

Healing Imprints offers some of the latest technology available for the evaluation of subtle energy systems. Using a computerized database of over 14,000 different vibrations we are able to ask your Body-Mind-Soul complex energetic questions and record your response as a basis for developing your personalized healing plan. We are here to support your journey to a new level of health.

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Vibrational Health and Healing

Our mind, or mental body also vibrates. Every thought, word or action we are involved in or "thinking" about creates vibrations that affect us both mentally and physically. This is where the phrases "He worried himself sick" or she "died of a broken heart" come from. Even Medical Science has proven that certain states of mind predispose us to physical diseases like stomach ulcers and heart attacks. We can no longer afford to separate mind and body and expect to be well.

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The Truth About Healing

The effects of mind and emotions on physical health is fast becoming a proven and accepted fact. At Integrative Health International and HealingImprints.com we take this fact one step farther and evaluate our client’s physical and mental health in the light of their soul. We apply the newer concepts of vibrational medicine along with counseling in creative change and spiritual growth to create an environment where our clients can truly heal….People and Pets alike.

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Custom Vibrational Remedies

A simple way to understand Vibrational Remedies is to see it as a therapy that uses energies or vibrational frequencies to help restore or maintain wellbeing in an individual. Vibrational Medicine is a spiritual science, based on a balanced philosophy that encompasses both scientific and spiritual principals. Today it is commonly categorised as complementary or alternative medicine, because the philosophy upon which it is based does not support traditional mainstream beliefs about humans or the world in which we live.

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About Flower Essences

Flower essences are a botanically based healing system that has existed since ancient times. Evidence suggests flower essences have been used by civilizations such as the Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians and Chinese. They have also been used by most indigenous peoples all over the world such as the Native Americans and the Australian Aboriginals.

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