What are Custom Vibrational Remedies?

A Custom Vibrational Remedy is a 28 day protocol designed to balance energy patterns within your etheric body. The etheric body lies behind the physical body that you see in the mirror. It is an energy body composed of: chakras, meridians, nadis, and subtle energy patterns. This energy body serves as the  blueprint for building your physical body and informing its’ functions. When energy patterns and flows are disrupted in the etheric body, it can lead to disruption in the form and function of the physical body. This can happen suddenly but usually occurs gradually over years.

Your Custom Vibrational Remedy balances flows and re-patterns energy in four specific areas: 1. It balances the overall flows of energies through specific acupoints. 2.It provides a gentle energetic detox to energy patterns altered by toxins or illness 3. It provides energetic support to all major body systems 4. It provides a custom imprint of flower essences for your emotional/mental and spiritual health. If you choose to take Custom Vibrational Remedies on a regular basis; each Custom Remedy will build upon the previous one. Ultimately building an etheric foundation for health.

How are Custom Vibrational Remedies Created?

Creating your Custom Vibrational Remedy begins with the personal profile that you fill out with your order. Based on that profile we set up a computer based, multi-channel bio-feedback assessment that will indicate strengths, weaknesses and blockages in your subtle energy system. Once the information is gathered from your assessment; we search for the exact vibrations, potencies and dilutions that will facilitate balanced communication within your body. These vibrations, chosen specifically to remediate your system’s energy imbalances, are then imprinted into liquid drops that you can easily take on a daily basis. This entire process can take over 2 hours to complete.

Healing Imprints offers some of the latest technology available for the evaluation of subtle energy systems. Using a computerized database of over 14,000 different vibrations we are able to ask your Body-Mind-Soul complex energetic questions and record your response as the basis for your Custom Vibrational Remedy. We are able to create the exact same quality Custom Vibrational Remedy for animals.

Why Would I need a Custom Vibrational Remedy?

Custom Vibrational Remedies support your overall ability to adapt to changing conditions and they maximize your ability to self-heal.

The complex nature of health and disease often sends us scrambling in multiple directions: Medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, therapists, coaches, nutritionists, ministers… We may see one professional for our physical body, another for our mental and emotional health and then we treat our Spiritual nature as totally separate. This separation of body, mind and soul can actually block your innate ability to Self-heal.

Deep healing can only occur when body, mind and soul are working in harmony with each other. The key to this harmony is COMMUNICATION. The soul, mind and body communicate with each other through a complex wireless network of subtle energies somewhat like the internet, a sort of “Bio-Net”: The soul communicates with the mind, the mind communicates with the body, physical organs and systems communicate with each other as do cells, molecules and atoms 24 hours a day. This communication is very subtle but absolutely essential for health. Our Custom Vibrational Remedies facilitate balanced communication through this subtle energy network.

How do I Choose a Custom Remedy?

Healing Imprints offers two custom products: a Custom Flower Essence Blend and a Custom Vibrational Remedy. Both products are available for people or animals. Your wellness goals for yourself and/or your pet will determine the best choice for you. However, if you need help determining what might be the best choice, feel free to contact us and we can make a recommendation.

If your current focus is on emotional/mental and spiritual health then a Custom flower Essence or one of our Signature Flower Essence Packages may be right for you. If you would like ongoing energetic support for the whole body, mind soul complex, then a Custom Vibrational Remedy would be the best choice.

Many people choose to adopt the energetic support of our custom remedies as a regular part of their wellness plan….along with their other choices in diet, supplements, exercise and preventative health screenings. Others select Custom Vibrational Remedies to support their healing in situations of compromised health and illness.

Please remember that Healing Imprints are not a replacement for medical care. We are a Spiritual based wellness practice and we do not claim to prevent, diagnose, mitigate or cure any known medical disease. Please work with your health care practitioner and/or your pet’s veterinarian when making health care decisions. Thank You

Custom Vibrational Products

Healing Imprints Custom products require a short health profile for you or your pet at checkout. With each custom product you will receive specific instructions for dosing the remedy along with; a summary report from the bionetic assessment process, educational materials and recommendations.

The following is a list of custom products available through Healing Imprints. If you click on a product you will be taken to that product’s description:

Custom Vibrational Remedy

Custom Vibrational Remedy for Animals

Custom Flower Essence Blend