What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are liquid preparations of the subtle energies contained in the blossoms of flowers. Just as every flower has a unique fragrance….every flower also has a unique subtle energy that can be released for the purposes of healing.

The highest quality Flower Essences are created outdoors, in nature, where the flower has been growing. Blossoms are harvested at the very peak of their bloom and floated in a crystal or glass bowl of spring water. The bowl is allowed to sit in full sunlight where the energy of the sun facilitates the transfer of flower’s subtle energy patterns into the water.

At the end of the day, the bowls are brought inside.They now contain the Mother Tincture of the flower. Stock bottles are prepared by dividing the Mother tincture into smaller bottles that contain a preservative  such as alcohol or vegetable glycerin. The preservative prevents spoilage but does not alter the subtle energy of the flower that is imprinted in the liquid.

Healing Imprints uses only the highest quality flower essences for our Signature Blends. We purchase our stock bottles from the Flower Essence Society (F.E.S.) of Nevada City, California. At F.E.S. the utmost  love, care and attention are given to the flowers and the gathering of their essences. We also use F.E.S. Healing Herbs which are based on the formulations of Dr. Edward Bach, the founding father of modern Flower Essence Therapy.

Flower Essences act as a bridge between body and soul. Their subtle energies soothe and heal on many levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Flower Essences work equally well in humans and animals.

Why do I need Flower Essences?

Flower Essences work on a subtle level to align your mental and emotional energies with your soul. Since your soul contains a Divine plan for this life; flower essences contribute to your clarity of purpose and mental focus as you meet everyday challenges. This may sound like a tall order but Please, keep reading:

Every single being on this planet….animal, vegetable, mineral and human has as a Spiritual Center, a Divine Spark. In Humans, we talk about this center as spirit or soul. The Divine spark at the center of your soul is eternal and has the power of EVERY vibration in the Universe. Surrounding that spark is the script for every one of your lives including this one.

As the Divine spark shines through your soul it projects into your mind and body the full knowing and intuition of the life you are meant to live. Think of it as the light in a movie projector shining through film onto a blank screen. Suppose that the light shining through the film is blocked, or bounces off a reflective surface or is bent and goes in a whole different direction than towards the screen…What happens to the movie? the movie becomes skewed, or it seems to make no sense or maybe the screen is blank. That is exactly what happens when your mind and emotions get in the way of the Light of your Soul. The results may be a life that feels skewed or confused or empty.

Flower Essences can be chosen individually or in synergistic groups to help you identify and release mental and emotional blockages, forgive yourself and others and move on. They can also re-enforce the positive soul qualities that you already have within you. Qualities such as Peace, Joy, Love and Harmony. Flower Essences are not magic potions. They can’t remove all the ups and downs that are inherent in life. However, what they can do is help you reach a state of equanimity where you remain mentally and emotionally centered through the ups and downs. Flower Essences can also help you become a wise observer of the events in your life and aid your vision of how all these events are woven into the Universe’s complex tapestry.

The Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul states as the first law of healing that “All disease is the result of inhibited soul life…” (Esoteric Healing, Lucis Press, 1953) DK goes on to say that “…this is true for all forms in all kingdoms.” So the principle applies not just to humans but but also to animals, plants and minerals.

Healing modalities such as Flower Essences and Custom Vibrational Remedies are some of the few healing methods that actually work at the CAUSE of dis-ease rather than just the symptoms.

How do I Choose a Flower Essence Blend?

We suggest starting with the Healing Imprints Core Essence Package or the single Signature Flower Essence Blend: PEACE. Whether this is your first venture into flower essence therapy or you are a long term fan, Healing Imprints simplifies the process of choosing  flower essences that are right for you. Our Signature Flower Essence Blends and Flower Essence Blend Packages are designed to address mental, emotional and spiritual needs that are common to all of humanity. We also offer an option for an Individualized Custom Flower Essence Blend.

A Custom Flower Essence Blend is also a good place to start. The Custom Flower Essence Blend process begins when we receive your personal profile along with your order. Our Bio-Energy consultant places your personal profile in meditation and conducts a computer based assessment of your current flower essence needs. From this information,  5-7 flower essences are chosen. These flower essences are blended into a single bottle and potentized with vibrations that increase the depth of revealing and healing that each flower is able to activate.

If you happen to be  a person with a strong intuitive sense, feel free to begin with whichever product calls to you: A single Signature Flower Essence Blend, A Custom Flower Essence Blend or a Flower Essence Blend Package.

Flower Essence Products

The following is a list of all of our Flower Essence Products for people. Click on a product and you will be taken to a product description.

Core Essence Package:  Peace  Love  Joy  Harmony

Opening the Heart Package: Introspection   Compassion   Forgiveness   Acceptance

Touching the Soul Package:  Observation   Awareness   Communion   Bliss

Custom Flower Essence Blend

Emotional First Aid Package

Please go to Working with Animals under More Info to explore our flower essence products for animals.