Custom Vibrational Remedy Package for Animals


This Custom Vibrational Remedy Package contains two remedies imprinted with healing vibrations chosen specifically for your pet’s bio-energetic needs


This package provides customized energy pattern remediation based on your pet’s specific  bio-energetic needs. Using a unique Bio-Energetic Assessment process; we are able to identify imbalances in energy flows throughout your pet’s physical, emotional and spiritual body. Once these imbalances are identified; we determine the potency, dilution and vibrational wave forms that will correct the imbalances. These healing vibrations are then imprinted into a solution of water and organic glycerin to be given to your pet as drops over a prescribed period of time.

The energy categories addressed by these two remedies are:  
Total Body Organ Support and Emotional /Spiritual Support

Spring water, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Custom Vibrational Imprints.

Gently tap the bottom of each bottle on the palm of your hand 5-10 times to activate the vibrations.
Place  3 drops of each custom remedy  into your pet’s cheek twice a day. OR place 7 drops of each custom remedy in your pet’s water bowl daily for 28 days.
Check package insert for specific recommendations.

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