Spay and Neuter Adjustment Package


The Spay and Neuter Adjustment Package provides two Flower Essence products to physically and emotionally support your pet before, during and after their surgery



Long Description:
The Spay and Neuter Package includes specific Flower Essences that promote both physical and emotional healing during the spaying and neutering process. Surgery of any kind can be a traumatic event for an animal. Spaying and neutering alters the hormones within the animal’s body and affects the emotional identification they have with their sexual characteristics. Providing support with these specifically selected Flower Essences, both before and after the procedure, can help your pet adjust to their newly altered body.

Spay / Neuter Blend: Spring Water, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Flower Essences: Lady’s Slipper, Baby Blue eyes, Agrimony, Fuchsia, Lotus, Heather
FES Animal Relief Formula: Arnica, Bleeding Heart, Echinacea, Fireweed, Holly, Mariposa Lily, Oregon Grape, Poison Oak, Red Clover, ,Sweet Pea, Wild Rose

Additional Information:.
Gently tap bottle on palm of your hand 5-10 times to activate the blend. Place 2-3 drops in your pets’ cheek 2-3 times per day OR Place 5-6 drops in your pets water dish in fresh water every day.
F.E.S. Animal Relief comes in a Spray Bottle and can be misted in and around your pet’s environment.

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