“ I was diagnosed with colitis several years ago. I have had severe  cramping and other Intestinal symptoms on and off for years..I’ve taken antibiotics, pro-biotics, steroids and numerous other treatments. Last year was the worst. I was in the emergency room 3 times and admitted to the hospital twice. My doctor was recommending that I start a drug therapy that was  similar to the chemotherapy they give cancer patients!…I felt it was the only option left to me. My mom suggested possibly trying an energy based therapy that her friend worked with before I committed to the chemo. So Jill from HealingImprints made me a custom vibrational remedy… simple drops I took under my tongue for 4 weeks. I couldn’t believe it! First I was a little scared because I slept and slept for several days…but I was in touch with Jill and she explained the healing and detox process….Then I noticed after a few weeks I had this incredible sense of centeredness, a calmness and focus I hadn’t ever felt before…and now, it is 10 months later and I have not had anything but a slight grumble in my colon….no emergency rooms, no hospitals, no chemo!!! It’s incredible!”
Cassie, 32 yrs old, Lone Tree, Colorado

“My name is Habibi, I am a Chihuahua. When I was 6 years old, I was clowning around and I injured my tiny little neck VERY badly. The pain was excruciating. My owner took me to the vets where they did xrays and kept me in the hospital for 3 days. The vet said I had 2 slipped disks and put me on steroids, pain killers and muscle relaxers. After 2 rounds of this treatment…I was calmer, 3 pounds heavier (I only weighed 4 pounds to start with) and I still could barely lift my own head. The next step , the vet said was an MRI, and surgery…The cost ….$5,000.00 or more. My owner was devastated. She couldn’t afford the MRI let alone the surgery.But, she couldn’t stand seeing me in pain either. She began to think that putting me to sleep was the only answer. Then her friend told her about HealingImprints. She decided the price was right and it was certainly worth a try. After 2 weeks on my customized remedy I began to move and was off pain killers, After about 6 weeks I was out clowning around as usual! It’s good to be alive and to see my owner smile again!”
Owner, Shonell…Parker, Colorado 

“ My girlfriend made me write this…..In fact she’s the one that made me do the Flower Essence Therapy. I have never been one who believes in all the psycho babble, long term psychoanalysis, etc. etc.. However…I have felt down, and very angry for a long time….. people (my girlfriend) have said I hide my real emotions and get angry instead…I didn’t understand what that meant. Until I did this Flower Essence therapy…and my girlfriend helped me with the homework. I can’t explain exactly how it helped, but somehow I feel not so tense….sort of peaceful. I understand now that emotions and feelings are part of me and I find I don’t angry as often as I did before….Yes, I feel better and I would recommend this to others who might have issues like mine.”
Jack, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

“This has been an amazing “treatment” for my son. My son has had stomach aches all his life, he is 7 now….and the doctors can’t find any specific reason. They said it’s probably stress. I don’t know. But he has also always had very bad breath…and his teeth are fine. I heard about HealingImprints through a friend. I had a custom remedy made for my son and after taking the remedy for 3 ½ weeks his breath became normal and now he hasn’t complained of a stomach ache for months!! I’m going to continue with remedies for him every few months hoping they will also help his ADD”
Joyce, St. Louis, Missouri

“Mr. Wilson was a cat I adopted from a shelter several years ago. He had been abused and was missing quite a few teeth from being kicked in the head. However, he was a scrappy fun loving cat that adored me completely.At the time I got in touch with the folks at HealingImprints, the vet had just diagnosed Mr. Wilson with Kidney Failure. The vet said he needed fluids and that he probably wouldn’t live much longer, even though he was only 9 or 10 years old. He suggested that I might want to put him to sleep. Mr. Wison had indeed become quite thin and had a very poor appetite, he also was throwing up a lot….But I felt like I wanted to give him a chance , if there was one, to stay around, as long as he wasn’t suffering. Jill at HealingImprints made him a custom remedy and also suggested a few other homeopathics to support his condition. She also supplied flower essences for his little heart and soul. Within a week or two I was able to stop the sub -cutaneous fluids. Mr Wilson stopped throwing up and got his appetite back . I continued to have custom remedies made for Mr. Wilson every 2 or 3 months. He would let me know he was feeling punk and I would have a new remedy made. On these custom remedies, Mr. Wilson lived for three more fun filled years. We enjoyed each other every minute.”
Elizabeth, Denver, Colorado

“Without the special care we received from HealingImprints, we would have lost our cat, Playboy, Years ago.  After extensive and expensive testing by a reliable veterinary clinic, they could find no reason for Playboy’s sudden dramatic weight loss. A friend told me about how  HealingImprints helped her cat Tommy, so I gave them a call. A few simple questions over the phone and some daily drops of a customized homeopathic remedy and Playboy was acting like a kitten again. Playboy is now 19 years old and very healthy for his age. I tell everyone about HealingImprints  miraculous therapies!”
Carol, Denver, Colorado

“If you are on a spiritual path…no matter what teachings you follow. I highly recommend HealingImprints Flower Essence therapy, coupled with on-line counseling.
I have found a deeper connection with my inner self…through this work than I ever have before. It isn’t just some sort of magic drops……they are a soft beautiful way to approach your personal healing…they work even better if you do the homework! LOL”
Joyce, Santa Barbara, California