“….If the Earth were deprived of flowers, half of it’s vitality would disappear. …
for flowers are the sole living bond between Earth and Heaven…”

Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, Agni Yoga Society

What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are subtle vibrational remedies that work specifically in the realms of mind, emotion and soul. They are the single most powerful catalyst we know of for unraveling the  emotional and spiritual issues that affect our lives and our health.Based on current scientific research, we can no longer ignore the effects of mind and  the spirit on health and dis-ease. Most health care providers now admit the power of positive mental attitudes, prayer and meditation. They have seen mental attitudes create ulcers and make one prone to heart attacks. They have seen emotional suffering cause people to lose the will to live. Mind-Body medicine is real. However, shoring up our spiritual nature, changing our mind and abandoning destructive emotions like hatred, anger and jealousy are  not easy tasks. Nor are the methods for handling these tasks well known or scientifically proven. The path to change and emotional and spiritual health seems to be different for almost every human being. With a few commonalities along the way

Flower Essences Bridge the Mind, Body, Soul Connection.

Taking Flower Essences does not remove the tests and obstacles that create a great part of our lives. Nor do they directly relieve suffering or emotional pain like a magic salve. However, they do ease us toward a more in depth understanding of these conditions, and support us in a way that allows resolution to flow more easily and more quickly than if we were left to struggle alone.In the 1930s Dr. Edward Bach made some of the most well known connections between 30 specific English herbs and flowers and their application to mental and emotional conditions. Today, The Flower Essence Society of North America has over 200 Flower Essences that touch the most intricate relationships between soul and body and are used by thousands of people around the world everyday to support self-healing and increase life satisfaction.

How are Flower Essences Made?

Flower essences are made by harvesting the fully open petals of a flower and floating them in pure spring water. They are left to sit in the sunlight for a prescribed length of time. During that time the qualities of that flower are imprinted in the water creating a vibrational remedy that can be diluted and divided into individual bottles for dosing and oral consumption.We feel it is imperative that mind, emotion and spirit be addressed along with physical issues for all of our clients…including our animal clients. So we include a vibrational imprint for the  most needed flowers in all of our custom vibrational remedies.

What is Flower Essence Therapy?

We have many clients who are on a “spiritual  journey.” They are trying to answer for themselves the age old questions of Who am I? Why am I here? Why am I unhappy or dissatisfied with life? When our clients combine these three steps:

  1. Custom Selection of Flower Essences by vibrational scan.
  2. Self-study of their custom selected flower essences.
  3. On-line or telephone consult with us in processing their journey.

They begin to find a depth of personal growth and understanding that they have not experienced previously. They become students of their soul and begin to be comfortable with their role on earth in this lifetime. Self-Knowledge can cure suffering. Flower Essence Therapy is a gentle effective way to heal old patterns and progress within a soul centered life.

Om Sai Ram