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Why do I need a Custom Vibrational Remedy?

Vibrational Medicine is a therapy that uses vibrational frequencies to help maintain well being in an individual.

Furthermore Vibrational Medicine is  based on a balanced philosophy that encompasses both scientific and spiritual principals.

Deep healing can occur when body, mind and soul are working in harmony. For that reason communication is the key to this harmony. The soul, mind and body communicate with each other through a complex  network we call the Bio-Net. The soul communicates with the mind, the mind communicates with the body. Physical organs and systems communicate with each. Our Custom Vibrational Remedies facilitate communication through this Bio-Net.

How are Custom Vibrational Remedies Created?

We start your  personal profile. Using this information, we perform a a bio-metric scan. This scan tells us where communication is interrupted in along the Bio-Net. Then we search for the exact vibrations that will restore balanced communication. The vibrations are then imprinted into liquid drops that you can take on a daily basis.

Healing Imprints offers  the latest technology available for the evaluation of subtle energy systems. Using a vast database of  different vibrations we are able to ask your Body-Mind-Soul complex energetic questions. Your responses are used to  develop your personalized remedy.

Here are some advantages of our Custom Vibrational Remedies:

  • Your own body determines your healing priorities
  • Your ability to Self-heal is maximized
  • Any necessary detoxification is subtle and gentle
  • Custom remedies are created from natural products with no side effects
  • Deep Healing can happen from the inside out
  • Scanning, Balancing and creation of a new Custom Remedy can be done every few months for a cumulative effect.

The entire process is overseen by a trained bio-energetics consultant. Your consultant provides an interpretation of your results, educational materials and recommendations for your physical and emotional health.