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The Truth About Vibrational Healing

The effects of mind and emotions on physical health is fast becoming a proven and accepted fact. At Integrative Health International and we take this fact one step farther and evaluate our client’s physical and mental health in the light of their soul. We apply the newer concepts of vibrational medicine along with counseling in creative change and spiritual growth to create an environment where our clients can truly heal….People and Pets alike.

We are living in an age of revealment. Truths are surfacing all around us and we as a kingdom of intelligent human beings are coming to the realization of many things…
The earth’s resources are limited……. The human body is only temporary.—— All of the profound discoveries in medical science, still cannot abate the myriad of chronic illnesses that plague us…..huge natural disasters force us to contemplate the meaning of life.

Can we continue to view ourselves as a purely physical form and expect to heal? The answer is No. We have to begin to embrace, at the core of our being, that we are souls wearing a body rather than a body that happens to have a soul. The Body Mind Soul connection is not just a new age platitude. It is an energetic fact. We may wait for centuries for science to prove we have a soul…or… we can take a leap based on the wisdom of ancient masters along with Einstein’s theory of relativity Energy = Mass x Speed of Light and move forward into the fields of subtle energy and vibrational healing.

There are already worldwide organizations of scientists, healers and interested lay people sharing information and supporting subtle energy research; organizations such as the IONS(Institute of Noetic Sciences) and ISSSEEM (International Society Supporting Subtle Energy Research & Energy Medicine) just to name a very few. Published works such as Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber MD are widely distributed.

This does not mean that we need to abandon traditional allopathic medicine. What It does mean is that we must begin embracing alternative and complementary medicines. We must come to a balanced understanding of the Human Being and the Universe as a cooperative effort in Life and then choose wisely from the vast smorgasbord of healing modalities that are available including modern western medicine.

Om Sai Ram