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Vibrational Health and Healing

E=MC2  Einstein proved it decades ago and we are just beginning to understand it: Energy and Mass are interchangeable. Everything around us and inside of us is composed of atoms vibrating at various frequencies. Your liver, your heart your spleen they all have a certain vibration at which they function and do their jobs well. Also, they do not act alone. They must coordinate with all the other organs in the body. Each cell composed of thousands of atoms must be able to communicate with every other cell. Each organ and gland must be able to communicate with every other organ and gland. If communication is too fast, too slow or blocked, messages can be lost or blurred and the result is less than optimal functioning.

Our mind, or mental body also vibrates. Every thought, word or action we are involved in or “thinking” about creates vibrations that affect us both mentally and physically. This is where the phrases “He worried himself sick” or she “died of a broken heart” come from. Even Medical Science has proven that certain states of mind predispose us to physical diseases like stomach ulcers and heart attacks. We can no longer afford to separate mind and body and expect to be well.

Where does “Spirit” or “soul” fit in? Spirit, or Universal Source, contains absolutely every single possible vibration to infinity and is the Source of All creation. Your individual soul holds the plans for all of your lives in vibrational patterns. It actually projects a vibrational blueprint, called the etheric body, into being before you are born. Your physical body is built from this energetic blueprint!  So your physical body is built on vibrations and maintains all of its functions through vibrational communication. How can we not look to vibrations when we talk about illness and wellness?

Currently, both allopathic and complimentary medicine work with vibrations they just don’t call it that. Antibiotics contain vibrations that interrupt the ability of various bacteria to reproduce. Heart medications contain vibrations that affect  heart muscles  by interrupting the way they use calcium. Acupuncture works specifically to open meridians in which energy travels inside the body. Healing Touch and Bio-feedback also work with vibrations. These particular examples  work on the level of gross vibrations, that is slower more easily identified vibrations. The vibrational remedies and flower essence blends created by Healing Imprints work at the level of subtle energies. They work on the patterns in the etheric body where your physical structure begins and they work on the bio-net, the wireless subtle communication, that goes on 24 hrs a day between cells, tissues, organs, mind and  soul.

Can we prove this is what happens scientifically? No, not yet. We have yet to invent instruments that prove there is a soul or measure subtle energy frequencies. However, what I like to remind people is that bacteria existed and were causing illness way before the microscope was invented. We are an evolving species with a lot to that is yet to be discovered. The great thing about Vibrational Remedies and Flower Essences is that they are gentle and have no adverse effects….unlike many pharmaceuticals and even herbal supplements.

How can Vibrations Heal Us?

Alterations in Vibrational patterns and flows can preceed the actual symptoms of physical illness by weeks, months or even years. How can you know what is going on at such a subtle energy level and what can you do about it?

In the late 1940s Dr. Reinhard Voll, a German medical doctor and engineer created a system to assess the energy systems of the body. It was called EAV testing or Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll. The method was tested in hospital studies in Germany  over a decade and proved itself  such a valuable assessment tool that it is currently used by over 25,000 medical practices in Europe. The USA has been slower to adopt energetic assessments. However, there are now multiple computerized and vibrational data based energy assessment tools available in the US. These assessment systems are not regulated so choosing a practitioner to work with can take some time and investigation on your part.

Based on the education, training and licensing of our founder; a Registered Nurse, a Bionetic Practitioner  and a minister we call Healing Imprints a spiritually based health practice. We are able to evaluate energy blockages and altered energy patterns in people and animals using an expanded version of Dr. Voll’s machine called a Multi-Channel Bio-feedback device. From this evaluation we can customize remedies with vibrational imprints to address each client’s specific needs. Our Custom Vibrational Remedies can repattern faulty energy patterns and balance energy flows which supports self-healing and wellness. We can also select specific Flower Essences that are a match for your mental, emotional and Spiritual needs and create Custom Flower Essence Blends to support your Spiritual Journey.