Partnering with the Animal Kingdom

As human beings we have a special relationship with the animal kingdom. Not only are we allowed to domesticate certain animals and care for their physical needs; we are also able to provide these animals with emotional and spiritual support. Flower Essences and Custom Vibrational Remedies can provide ongoing  support for your pet’s physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Human support can assist animals in their evolution towards becoming an individualized soul. Once they become an individualized soul they may be allowed to enter the human kingdom when the gates of opportunity are opened. Right now there are certain animals that are moving rapidly from being merely physically conscious to being actively conscious on the emotional and lower mental planes. The animals most sited in the esoteric texts are: Elephants, horses, cats and dogs. Other sources add primates, dolphins and whales to the list. Although Healing Imprints can probably benefit anyone of these groups of animals, our current experience is with cats, dogs and and occasionally horses.

Why would my pet need Flower Essences?

Just like humans, animals have an emotional body. They experience pain, grief, love, attachment and more. The more highly evolved an animal is, the more highly developed is their emotional body and their mental body. So when animals are frightened, ill, unhappy or undergoing medical or surgical procedures, they need reassurance and emotional balance just like a human. Flower Essences provide a calming, reassuring and supportive energy that reaches far deeper than even the most loving words from a pet guardian.

You can provide your pet with a Healing Imprints Custom Flower Essence Blend every few months, which can have a balancing effect on his growth, adaptation and aging. There are also Healing Imprints Flower Essence Packages for Pets that are specifically designed to address common stressful situations in the life of your pet such as: Adjusting to a new home, undergoing a spay or neutering procedure, and becoming elderly or approaching end of life.

Why would my pet need a Custom Remedy?

Animals live three dimensional lives just as humans do. They have a physical nature, a mental/emotional nature and a spiritual nature. Providing your pet with a Custom Vibrational Remedy on a regular basis acts as a foundation for good health. If physical energy patterns are blocked or patterned in ineffective ways due to heredity, environmental toxins or aging it can affect your pet’s health on all levels. In the case of an animal with complex physical problems. A Custom Vibrational Remedy offers complex energetic support that goes beyond the support that Flower Essences can give.

What Results will I see after my pet takes a Custom Vibrational Remedy?

We don’t always know what the exact results of each Custom Vibrational Remedy will be. However, the results are always positive in nature.The reason we can’t predict the exact effects is that; During each individual assessment and creation of a Custom Vibrational Remedy  your pet determines his or her own healing priorities, body, mind and soul. These priorities are revealed through the computer based assessment process and we go from there. Sometimes the highest healing priorities expressed by an animal through the assessment have nothing to do with what their owner thought their priorities were! Sometimes an animal may need to heal a broken heart before he can heal his indigestion. Or your pet may need to transmute the trauma of surgery before she can curl up in your lap and be affectionate again. Our pets can’t always let us know what is bothering them; the Healing Imprints bio-energy assessment process gives a voice to your pet’s physical and emotional needs. Over the nearly 20 years of experience accumulated by Healing Imprints; the results of regular bio-energy assessments and use of our Custom Vibrational Remedies have always moved both people and pets in the direction of improved health. This claim is based on feedback from clients from all over the country. Specifically, pet guardians say that they see the following traits in their pets after completing  Custom Vibrational Remedies from Healing Imprints:

  • Increased speed in healing after surgery or trauma
  • Increased resistance to illness
  • Decreased evidence of chronic pain
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Decrease in symptoms of chronic disease
  • Decrease in adverse behaviors
  • Decrease in vomiting and upset stomachs
  • Increase in appetite where it had been poor
  • Increase in signs of contentment and affection
  • Increase in comfort and longevity in the elderly pet and those with terminal illnesses

Among our pet clients we have elderly cats in kidney insufficiency live active lives for years, we have dogs with arthritis appear to be pain free as they jump and smile and play. We have cats that were recommended to be put to sleep by their vets—-alive and enjoying their owners 3 years later. We have shy pets that become friendlier and hyperactive pets that become calmer. Click here for Testimonials

How do I Choose a product for my pet?

We recommend a Custom Vibrational Remedy or Custom Flower Essence Blend several times a year as a health maintenance routine for your pet. Regular use of Custom Vibrational Remedies provides an all round foundation for your pet’s health through energetic support of physical organs, as well as flower essences for  Emotional/Spiritual health.

If your pet is experiencing emotional, adjustment, or behavior issues, a Custom Flower Essence Blend would be the best choice. Where as a Custom Vibrational Remedy is a better choice for pets with complex health issues. Custom Vibrational Remedies contain a deeper physical component than flower essences alone.

Healing Imprints also has flower essence packages that are designed for specific situations. the New Pet Adjustment Package and the Spay/Neuter Adjustment package.  Our Chronically ill/Elderly Pet Support Package offers basic vibrational support for your pets major organs along with appropriate flower essences.

If you have a question about what product might be the best for your pet please contact us and we can give you a recommendation.

Products for Pets

Below is a list of Healing Imprints Products available for Animals. If you click on an item it will connect you with a product description:

Custom Vibrational Remedy for Pets

Custom Flower Essence Blend

New Pet Adjustment Package

Spay/Neuter Adjustment Package

Elderly & Chronically Ill Pet Support Package